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Celebrating 45 Years




With an unwavering commitment to providing students with an inspiring and well-rounded education, Esol Education builds solid academic foundations, while igniting imaginations, fostering critical thinking and shaping fully-engaged lifelong learners.

- Chairman and Superintendent, Walid Abushakra

Celebrating 45 Years

Future Forward

Established in 1976, Esol Education is proudly celebrating 45 years of educational excellence. Starting from our very first school in Kuwait, our journey has taken us across continents, growing to 10 schools, serving over 10,000 students. With well-resourced, purpose-built campuses featuring state of the art educational technology, our teachers use modern pedagogical approaches to deliver holistic, world-class learning, preparing students for a fast-paced future.

Since 1976

Esol Education's mission is to provide outstanding education to students and excellent professional opportunities for educators in international communities, instilling the knowledge, skills, and character necessary for success in the 21st century. 



"We are impressed with how quickly the e-learning structure was up and running. We are so happy with the engagement and enthusiasm that the teachers are able to convey to both our kids."

Parent, American School Hong Kong

"Fairgreen, the management and teachers are doing such a fantastic job at keeping the wheels turning during the COVID-19 pandemic."

Parent, Fairgreen International School, Dubai

"The constant check-ins, messages, emails, and group activities online helped keep that feeling of connectivity during e-learning."

Parent, Dunecrest American School, Dubai

"A close knit community of schools set on the purpose of changing the future of our world for the better."

Teacher, Universal College - Aley

"The school environment makes my child a “happy” child, eager to come to school every day and learn."

Parent, American International School in Cyprus

"Full of new ideas, new facilities with great resources and very good teachers."

Teacher, American International School in Egypt - Main

"The IB Diploma Programme opened up the world to my daughter ! She makes us proud every passing day and we are thankful for her support system at school."

Parent, American International School in Cyprus

"Our school has wonderful teachers that are committed to giving their students a quality education through a creative and loving environment."

Teacher, American International School in Egypt - Main

"Thank you, amazing teachers! The level of care and communication during these tough and adaptive times has been amazing."

Parent, Dunecrest American School, Dubai

"We are a real community, we are diverse, the teachers are wonderful and make learning fun!"

Teacher, American International School in Abu Dhabi

"We take care of the learning needs of every individual student by differentiating our instruction."

Teacher, American International School in Cyprus

"Students are responsible  for their learning and take pride in adopting to different situations and making sound judgements"

Teacher, Universal College - Aley, Lebanon

" We really appreciate the School’s fast response to the challenges and are grateful to the teachers for their effective work during this special period."

Parent, American School Hong Kong




Mr. Walid Abushakra, CEO of Esol Education

This year as Esol Education celebrates 45 years, the organization’s story is very much the story of its founder, Chairman and Superintendent, Mr. Walid Abushakra. For the STRIDES anniversary issue, we asked him to reflect on his journey and achievements, and his inspiration for continuous progress.

New Leadership Team at Esol Education

The Esol Education team is pleased to welcome new (and returning) members of our educational family, collectively bringing over 100 years of educational leadership experience to our schools.

Dr. Bradley J. Cook

The American University of Bahrain (AUBH) welcomes Dr. Bradley J. Cook as its next President, starting in the summer of 2022 and succeeding Dr. Susan E. Saxton. Dr. Cook joins AUBH with more than thirty years of distinguished international and regional experience in higher education across the U.S. and the Middle East.


Just like previous centuries were marked by the industrial revolution and the advent of the Internet, the twenty-first century may be remembered for the inception of a new world, or “metaverse” offering an immersive virtual experience unlike any other to date.

The award-winning educator and best-selling author, and founder of the non-profit Green Bronx Machine, Stephen Ritz,

A man on a mission, award-winning educator and best-selling author, and founder of the non-profit Green Bronx Machine, Stephen Ritz, has inspired thousands with his work in sustainability education.

Mr. Jeff Smith, Dunecrest American School director

Returning to the Esol Education family, Jeff Smith took over the reins as Director at Dunecrest American School at the beginning of the 2021-2022 academic year.

Camel rides

Whether you live in the UAE or are just visiting, an endless panorama of sand and sky awaits a within a few hours drive to the edge of the world’s largest continuous desert, whose unearthly landscape served as the backdrop to movies such as Dune and Star Wars VII, as well as the upcoming Tom Cruise-starrer, Mission Impossible 7.

Teacher pointing at the glass with blue liquid during science class.

As I write this it will be 675 days since the start of the spread of Covid. If what the scientists are telling us is true that the threat from this pandemic is receding, is this the opportunity to reflect on what positive lessons in education we have learned from this painful and incredibly disruptive experience? What is the legacy for schools?