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At Esol Education, technological innovation is one of the key enablers that ensure rich learning environments in all our schools. Aligned to individual schools’ teaching and learning objectives, Esol promotes the development of best practices for utilization of technology for both instructional and operational purposes.

By engaging in continuous innovation research and working with industry leaders such as Microsoft and Apple, Esol Education strives to provide consistent technology platforms for our learning community.

Esol Education schools implement advanced learning management systems (LMS), which allow teachers and parents to create true partnerships, allowing for real time parent participation, as well as sharing information and monitoring students’ progress.

Teachers and students also use technology as a tool for their own learning and frequently employ collaboration platforms, extending relationships beyond classrooms, engaging parents, community members and experts. Learners become more skillful in choosing their own goals, constructing their own strategies, assessing their own knowledge and monitoring their own progress.

With ongoing collection and analysis of data collected from our technology initiatives, the Esol learning community benefits from real world examples and case studies of education innovation, which are shared across the organization and within its community of schools.

Esol Education actively fosters a culture of innovation by incorporating technology training and development into professional development programs, encouraging educators to employ the latest platforms and adopt advanced instructional practices to enhance students’ learning experiences both in school and at home.

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Explore the international accreditations received by Esol Education schools. 

Celebrating 45 Years

Learn more about our history and our core values, and what we do to bring these alive every day within our organization and our schools.