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Mission, Vision and Values

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Esol Education’s mission, vision and core values are the underlying guiding principles that steer colleagues towards achieving the organization’s reputed high standards, placing Esol at the forefront of the field of international education.


Esol Education’s mission is to provide outstanding education to students and excellent professional opportunities for educators in international communities, instilling the knowledge, skills, and character necessary for success in the 21st century.


Esol Education’s vision is to be the most reputable and trusted provider of high quality international education.

Core Values

Educational Excellence

Excellence in education is our driving force, and the primary metric by which we value our organization. This means we will seek to grow in order to be a more resilient organization and to provide more opportunities for our students and educators, always prioritizing academic rigor and high standards.

Well-Rounded Learning

We focus on graduating well-rounded individuals that are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and character to lead in the 21st century, rather than optimizing for outstanding academic outcomes at the expense of emotional, inter-personal, creative, character, or other areas of development of our students.

Measurement Through Student Success

We measure our success through impact on students’ performance, progress, and well-being, using data-driven, continuous assessment and academic interventions. This means that we seek to provide the greatest “value-add” to students, rather than tailor our institutions to produce great outcomes based on a highly selective admissions process.

Social Responsibility

Our institutions, students, and educators are expected to be socially responsible members of their communities, carefully considering their environment and the people around them, driving positive change wherever possible.

Cultural Inclusiveness

Our schools are culturally inclusive, reflecting the complexion of their individual home communities. This means that Esol Education schools will provide high quality, truly international, holistic education in all of our institutions regardless of their location. It also means that we will effectively integrate a local context with high quality international curricula.

Inspirational Leadership

We seek to inspire our students and educators to perform at their best in whatever they do. We do this by providing enriching environments that support our constant pursuit of knowledge and offer myriad opportunities for service and leadership for students, educators and parents.

Global Accreditations

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Explore the international accreditations received by Esol Education schools. 

Celebrating 45 Years

Learn more about our history and our core values, and what we do to bring these alive every day within our organization and our schools.