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From the demise of the Great Barrier Reef to rising sea levels and changing weather patterns, our planet is in a state of flux. The consequences of increased urbanization, depletion of natural resources, and dependence on fossil fuels are rippling around the world. Today there is no doubt that resolving and reversing the effects of climate change will be one of the dire challenges faced by our children tomorrow.

 At Esol Education, we believe that sustainability education holds the key to inspiring and enabling future generations to find crucial solutions to the mounting issues humanity is facing as a result of climate change. As educators, we are keen to contribute by incorporating sustainable values within our existing and upcoming schools and instilling a “green consciousness” within our students, with a vision to having this consciousness cascade into the important decisions they will make when they graduate and take their places as the leaders of the future.

 We are working with leading sustainability experts and educators in developing whole-school curriculum frameworks, as well as project-based learning opportunities at existing schools.


Sustainability Live

See sustainable education in action at the National Health, Wellness and Learning Center in New York via The Green Bronx Machine and Stephen Ritz

The center is a place of inquiry and wonder, inspiration and aspiration, a place full of tactile and experiential learning opportunities for students and teachers. Click here to learn more.