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Where would you like to teach? From the stunning skyscrapers of Dubai and Abu Dhabi and the rich history and warmth of Egypt to the cedar fringed mountains of Lebanon and the sunny climes of Cyprus, explore careers at our leading international schools in the region.

With a student body comprising over 100 nationalities, teaching with Esol Education schools gives you a unique opportunity to discover new cultures in enriching environments at state-of-the-art schools.

You will LOVE the students

View of the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi.


Abu Dhabi

From humble beginnings as a confederation of tribal sheikhdoms on the shores of the Arabian Gulf to one of the richest countries in the world, modern United Arab Emirates (UAE) traces its history to the discovery of oil in the city-state of Abu Dhabi and surrounding areas in the mid 1930s. 

Aerial view of Victoria's Peak in Hong Kong


Hong Kong

Exhilarating, thrilling, dazzling, Hong Kong is a city on the move, a modern metropolis sparkling on the edge of the South China Sea. Nestled against a backdrop of verdant hills, this remarkable city has evolved with her own, unique identity, reflecting both Western and Eastern influences. 

View of Muharraq, Manama, Bahrain



From modest pearling beginnings to a modern day business hub, the island kingdom’s strategic location in the Arabian Gulf continues to position it at the trade crossroads between the East and the West, where it serves as a gateway to the Middle East for global travelers and traders alike. 




A charming hillside town on Mount Lebanon, Aley emerged as a popular summer destination at the end of the 19th century when a interconnecting railway linked it with Beirut in Lebanon and Damascus in Syria.

View of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, located in Dubai, UAE



A city in the fast lane, Dubai’s remarkable transformation from a sleepy fshing and pearling town to a powerful trade, tourism and logistics hub has followed a dizzying trajectory. 


The view of the Sphinx in Giza, Egypt.



Touched by every great civilization through the ages, from the Pharaohs and Assyrians to the Persians, Greeks and Romans to the Umayyads, Abbasids and the Ottomans, the history of Egypt is deliciously rich.





Nicosia is the largest city and the capital of the idyllic Mediterranean island of Cyprus, the legendary birthplace of the mythical Greek goddess, Aphrodite.