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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Typically how long would an employment contract last?
Initial contracts are for a two year period.

2) What is the contract renewal process?
Following completion of the initial two-year contract , contracts renewal takes place annually by mutual agreement.

3) What documents would I need to provide?
Various documents, including university degrees or transcripts, teaching qualifications, and/or letters from previous schools verifying previous years of teaching experience will be required, depending on the host country’s rquirements for issuance of a work permit and residence visa. Certificates of marriage are also required for married teaching couples. Any documents required for the visa process will need to be attested. This information will be explained in detail once you sign your contract.

4) How is the salary package determined?
Salary is determined according to a schedule based on qualifications and years of teaching experience. Our salary schedules provide for salary increases for returning teachers and are reviewed annually.

5) Do I need to speak the host country’s language?
All of our schools use English as the language of instruction. You may choose to learn the host country language but this will not be necessary to fulfill your teaching responsibilities.

6) Does the school arrange my medical insurance coverage and flights home?
You and any school sponsored dependents will be provided with health insurance coverage and airline tickets from your home of record at the start of each school year and back to your home of record at the end of each school year. You may also choose to receive the cash equivalent of the airline tickets if you do not wish to go home for the summer.

7) Will I receive a housing allowance?
Housing arrangements vary from country to country. In some locations you will reside in school-provided furnished housing for your first year, with the option of taking a housing allowance and making your own housing arrangements in subsequent years. In other locations you can choose to take the housing allowance from year one.

8) What can I do to prepare myself for working in a specific country?
Prior to arrival you will receive a range of supportive documents to assist with preparations for your move. In addition, you will be connected with current teachers who will answer any questions you have from when you sign your contract through to arrival. Many schools now establish a Facebook page for new teachers to communicate with each other and with the school. An intensive orientation/induction program is conducted upon arrival at your new location.

9) Will I be paid in the local currency or in my home country’s currency?
In UAE salaries are paid in the local currency (AED), which is pegged to the US Dollar. In Egypt salaries are paid in USD (for AISE) or GBP (for CES), with a portion of up to 25% paid in EGP at the official exchange rate. In Cyprus salaries are paid in Euros.



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