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Lifelong Learning

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Celebrating our core value of lifelong learning, ongoing professional development is an integral part of Esol Education’s teaching program. We believe in providing our teachers with comprehensive opportunities to hone their skills, encouraging them to apply the latest teaching and learning methods to continually engage and motivate our students.

Apart from generous allowances for formal training within our host countries as well as abroad, we regularly bring our teachers together for country-wide as well as cross-country professional development conferences (PDCs).

Professional Development is built in to the school's systems that create the culture of learning, adapating, collaborating, reflecting, and using innovative techniques.

2013 saw the launch of our signature Esol Education PDC biennial series, which was held in Dubai and welcomed over 580 teachers and administrators from our schools across the region. A successful Egypt-wide PDC was held in 2014. The second Esol Education PDC 2015 attracted over 700 educators for a successful two-day summit held in Cairo. 


With a carefully designed conference program centered around a curated selection of topics ranging from sophisticated teaching methods to innovations in technology, our events feature inspiring speakers ranging from acclaimed international educators to experienced Esol faculty members, each of whom lead full and small group presentations, interactive seminars and ‘job alike’ sessions.


Lively workshops, animated discussions, hands-on individual and group activities, all provide teachers a remarkable forum to share ideas and best practices, as well as network with their peers and education leaders.

Celebrating 45 Years

Learn more about our history and our core values, and what we do to bring these alive every day within our organization and our schools.

Meet Our Teachers

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