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A New Life: COVID-19 Safety Awareness Film

As the world gets used to our “new normal” during the COVID19 pandemic, one student at Esol Education’s American International School in Cyprus has been reflecting on what it means for today’s young people, and the responsibility they have towards keeping their loved ones and the wider community safe. In the fight to contain the global pandemic, governments and health authorities are relying, more than ever, on individuals to follow recommended measures.  As individuals, we can all take simple steps to keep ourselves and people around us safe: keeping physical distance, regulating our activities to keep away crowded places, regular hand washing and mask wearing.

As Sofia Kostikis mulled over the need to raise awareness among youth in Cyprus, an idea sparked when she spotted a vending machine dispensing masks at a mall in Nicosia:

“Every time I would see another one of those vending machines the idea would come back and, in some way, motivate me to one day bring it to life. After deciding to go through with the idea, I sketched it out in one of my sketchbooks, still skeptical about carrying it through. However, when the COVID cases started rising in Cyprus and things where getting a lot more serious, I decided that I should proceed with making the video.”

Sofia realized it would be challenging to produce, direct, film and act in the video herself, and she enlisted the help of another student, Noga, who appears in the film. Sofia shared that the filming process took around 10 to 15 minutes: “I didn’t follow the sketch in my notebook, but instead allowed my instincts to decide the angle, positions, and actions of the movie…after filming, I immediately went to editing, which took me about an hour. I decided on the title ‘A New Life’ in order to portray the change COVID has had on our lives and the lives of people around us.”

A powerful film, “A New Life” is already making an impact and has been selected for a nationwide awareness campaign. We are so proud of you Sofia!