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ISSUE 10 | Spring 2024


A Growing Family

Eight years, three countries, five new openings. Follow Esol Education’s growth trajectory, and explore our newest schools!.


Spreading Our Wings

Welcome to the latest edition of STRIDES, bringing you news and achievements from Esol Education and our schools around the world!

It has been a busy year for Esol Education and our schools alike, with a rising student body, action-packed calendars, and exciting development plans. This issue of Strides represents a year of outstanding student initiatives and achievements, as our established schools continue to innovate with their programs and our newer schools mature into reliable anchors within their respective communities.


Students pictures taken in the corridor of Fairgreen International School

The past eight years have seen Esol Education embark on an exciting journey of growth, establishing four new international schools and making strategic investments in higher education.

Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Joseph Nettikaden, Esol Education's CIO, discusses how education leaders can make timely decisions and provide steady guidance to leverage AI's growth for positive impact.

Dr. Bradley J. Cook

Dr. Bradley J. Cook has spearheaded the American University of Bahrain (AUBH) as President since the summer of 2022.


Bahrain Fort

A mighty little island in the Arabian Sea, Bahrain has served as a bridge between cultures and civilizations for thousands of years.

Last Word

Students playing with parachute.

Dr. Ahmed Mitwalli, Chief Strategy Officer at Esol Education, discusses how schools can benefit from collaboration and networking without compromising their autonomy or independence.


In Class

AUBH Granted Associate Membership at CERN

In a series of firsts and with a groundbreaking achievement, the American University of Bahrain (AUBH) has been approved as an associate member of the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) scientific collaboration at CERN.

In Class

In Class

In Class

Dunecrest Cohort at the COP28 Conference

Esol Education students from Fairgreen International School, Dunecrest American School, and two campuses of American International School in Egypt had the opportunity to attend the recent COP28 UN Climate Change conference held in Dubai in November 2023.


From Hong Kong to Egypt, catch up on news and happenings from Esol Education schools.

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AIS Campus at Belle Vie

The Summer of 2026 will see the AIS West Campus relocating from its current location in Greens, Cairo to a new state-of-the-art, purpose-built campus in Emaar Misr’s Belle Vie development in New Zayed.

Dr. Craig Ross and John Jalsevac

Esol Education is pleased to welcome Dr. Craig Ross as the incoming School Director at American International School in Egypt – West Campus (AIS West), as Mr. John Jalsevac continues his Esol Education tenure as the new School Director of American International School in Cyprus (AISC)

AISA logo
Embracing Mid-Year Transitions

Taking over as interim director mid-year at the American International School in Abu Dhabi (AISA) has been a rewarding experience for Dr. Andrew Torris, School Director.

Transdisciplinary Arts

Art at AISA is not only about painting and drawing; it's also about exploration, creativity, and transdisciplinary learning!

Dunecrest Logo
Farm to Table

At a recent educational field trip to the Emirates Bio Farm, Grade 1 students from Dunecrest American School embarked on an exciting experience to learn about the path food follows from the farm to our tables.

Tech Titans

A resounding applause to Dunecrest's remarkable students, Maryam in Grade 11 and Adam in Grade 12 for their exceptional accomplishments in the realm of Computer Science!

Fairgreen Logo
Fin'onminial Fashion

Fairgreen Secondary students secured an exclusive spot in the Monaco finals of Junk Kouture, the world's largest sustainable fashion competition.

Building Life Skills

At ASHK, both Elementary and Secondary students experience a "Week Without Walls" during every school year.

AISE logo
Design Your Own Animal?

It's indeed possible, as Grade 4 at AIS Egypt demonstrated during a recent learning celebration that promoted their trans-discplinary unit.

Innovation in Education

The Middle School piloted and implemented an innovative cross-curricular program for Grade 6 this academic year.

AISE logo
Green Power

Building on the success of AIS West PTO's "Go Green" campaign launched in 2018, AIS students are now working towards creating the first "teaching greenhouse" on campus.

Celebrating Languages & Cultures

With the vision of promoting cultural diversity and language appreciation, our Mother-Tongue Committee was established in 2023 by Dr. Dina Taher, AIS West Middle School Principal, along with a group of passionate teachers and culture-lovers across campus.

CES logo
CES students who have been recognized by Cambridge International for their exceptional achievements

CES extends heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to all those students who have been recognized by Cambridge International for their exceptional achievements.

CES student, Latoya Habib

CES student, Latoya Habib from Year 2 made the entire community proud with her winning submission at the Haya 10th Annual Art competition in Cairo!

Students dressed as their 100-year-old selves.

Every year, CES' Early Years department celebrates 100 Days of School! Prizes are given out for best costume, with winners carefully judged, and selected by members of the CES Primary Student Council.

ASB logo
First OASIS Sports Conference at ASB

American School of Bahrain (ASB), has recently become a proud member of the esteemed OASIS Activities Conference (OAC), hosting football and volleyball tournaments early this year.

A Musical Winter

ASB students recently set the stage ablaze during the school's annual winter concerts, showcasing their incredible musical talents.

World Scholars Cup Held at ASB

ASB recently hosted the prestigious World Scholars Cup (WSC), bringing together over 800 students from diverse countries and schools.

AUBH logo
AUBH Career Fair 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of education and career development, opportunities abound for ambitious young individuals to chart their paths toward success.

Fostering a Culture of Entrepreneurship

AUBH's Entrepreneurship Week served as a catalyst for fostering a culture of entrepreneurship among students, igniting their passion for innovation and creativity.

Wearable Tech Workshop by MIT-MISTI-Global Lab

In partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)’s International Science and Technology Initiative (MISTI), the American University of Bahrain (AUBH) recently concluded the “Building Interactive Wearable Technology from Scratch” workshop, for the second consecutive year.

AISC logo
Global Citizens in Action

This year, two different overseas experiences enabled high school students from the American International School of Cyprus (AISC) to put the school’s mission to develop “socially responsible global citizens” into action.

Impact for Children's Rights

The long-standing partnership of the American International School of Cyprus (AISC) with “Hope For Children” (HfC) continues to grow in its community impact through the activities of our student Children’s Rights Ambassadors.

Student Athletes Make Their Mark

Through dedication, perseverance, and hard work, student-athletes from the American International School of Cyprus (AISC) achieved much success this past season. 

UCA logo
Future Innovators

At UCA, students from Elementary to High School embark on an immersive journey in coding and robotics, cultivating problem-solving skills and computational thinking. Hands-on experiences allow young learners to engage in programming and robot design.

Indian Ambassador Visits UCA

UCA had the pleasure of receiving the distinguished Indian Ambassador to Lebanon, Sir Md. Noor Rahman Sheikh, along with an esteemed delegation from the embassy.