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ISSUE 7 | Spring 2021

Bahrain calling masthead

Bahrain Calling 

Esol Education successfully ventures into the island kingdom with the launch of American School of Bahrain and a new strategic partnership with the American University of Bahrain


Panta Rhei

Everything Flows
 ~Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher


Welcome to the latest edition of STRIDES, bringing you news and achievements from Esol Education and our schools around the world!

Like every school across the world, Esol Education school communities have experienced a sea change over the past year, with both temporary and long-term disruptions to the ebb and flow of normal school life. Rising above challenges, we are proud to say that the 2020-2021 year has brought with it some wins, expected and unexpected, both within and beyond classroom walls. Read on to discover our exciting announcements, learn more about remarkable student and teacher accomplishments this year, and gain insights into some of the most topical issues on the minds of educators everywhere.


Bahrain Calling 

American School of Bahrain's facade, taken on the first day of the school opening.

With an auspicious new school opening and its first university partnership, Esol Education deepens its commitment to bringing American international education to students in Bahrain and the wider region, while expanding its global reach to a network of 11 schools and universities.

Dean Joyce Feucht-Haviar from CSUN’s Tseng College.

Dean Joyce Feucht-Haviar from CSUN’s Tseng College discusses the evolution of a new partnership with Esol Education and American University of Bahrain (AUBH) and the future of higher education in a post-COVID world. 


Get Wired

Got game thumbnail

Everyone loves playing games, and once caught in loop of challenge and reward, the human brain, hard-wired to respond to rewards with a dopamine hit, is hooked! Technology today, omnipresent throughout modern lives, has made gamification even more pervasive. Dr. Joseph Nettikaden, Chief Information Officer at Esol Education takes a closer look at the phenomenon of gamification and how educators can harness its power to motivate learners both inside and out of the classroom.

High Fliers

Syed and Daria, our schools high fliers!

Our featured achievers work hard, while also maintaining a healthy balance between their goals, academics and  personal passions.

In Class

Eighth, ninth and tenth graders participating in the award-winning, accredited STEM program, Design, Engineer, Construct!

What does an ancient Chinese philosophy, dating back more than two millennia, have in common with a future-forward design class in Dubai in 2021? The fundamental principles of human cognition have endured for thousands of years, with great minds from Plato to Piaget exploring how learners effectively acquire, retain and apply knowledge.

In Class

An example of upper-class domestic architecture from the eighteenth-century.

In an age where we are increasingly relying on augmented reality and virtual reality to create simulated opportunities for immersive learning, the unique Cultural Heritage Program at American International School in Cyprus provides students and faculty a conduit into the island’s history allowing them to truly immerse themselves in its fascinating culture.  

Meeting Minds

Patrick Rich, American International School in Abu Dhabi director.

Mr. Patrick Rich joined as the Director of the American International School in Abu Dhabi (AISA) in August 2018, when former Director, Mr. Gareth Jones, began his retirement. Mr. Rich and his family relocated to Abu Dhabi from Korea, where he was the Assistant School Director and had worked for the past 8 years. Mr. Rich has worked overseas since 2006 where he was an administrator in Malaysia and Korea.  STRIDES caught up with AISA’s leader to learn more about his experiences.



The year is 1192. The island of Cyprus, seized from the waning Byzantine Empire but eight years earlier, is witnessing a quick succession of events, which includes: a somewhat accidental conquest by the English king, Richard the Lionheart, enroute his crusade to recapture Jerusalem; its subsequent sale to the powerful Knights Templar; an uprising by Cypriot rebels; followed by an almost immediate concession of the island to Sir Guy of Lusignan, vassal of the king. Against the backdrop of these tumultuous occurrences along the Cyprus coasts, the Cretan monk, Theodoros Apsevdis, a renowned artist of the time, is laying finishing touches on a breathtaking series of frescoes, in a church high up in the mountains.

Last Word

A boy raising his hand.

The immeasurable challenges of COVID – 19 also bring about the exciting opportunities for transformation and innovation in teaching and learning. If there is, indeed a silver lining to be found, you can count on educators finding  it, as are the teachers at American International School in Egypt, by re-examining the role of content coverage, and exploring the new frontier of student protagonism. 


From Hong Kong to Egypt, catch up on news and happenings from Esol Education schools.

Student showing her design.

At AISA, Design & Innovation (D&I) provides students with an open space to try new things without fear of failure.

AISA's wellness agenda shared on zoom meeting.

The counseling team at the American International School of Abu Dhabi have made student, staff, and parent wellness a priority this year.

Participants from AISA

Students from AISA’s High School Model United Nations Club (AISA HSMUN), decided months ago to dedicate their time, prepare and go on an enlightening adventure

Testing a solar-powered tools.

Dunecrest American School has partnered with Million Solar Stars (MSS) Founder and our Middle School Science Teacher, Adam Hall to launch the Million Solar Stars Science course in Middle School(MSS MS).

Students watching the webinar hosted by Eric Barrett, Dunecrest IBDP Coordinator.

Dunecrest American School has launched a series of “growth” events focused on strengthening our community and supporting one another’s successes.

Student showing the chart from her laptop.

Fairgreen International School received recognition as a Common Sense® school by the namesake nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids and families thrive in a world of media and technology.

Fairgreen's Wellbeing Champions Club member.

In a continued effort to support the overall wellbeing of its students, Fairgreen officially launched the DREAMS Wellbeing Program.

ASHK student holding her ipad showing the American flag.

ASHK has toggled back and forth between learning at home and learning in school during the COVD-19 pandemic. Because of this, the Grade 3 students have become incredibly proficient at using EdTech!

3d render of the expansion of American School Hong Kong

At American School Hong Kong, the school has begun an exciting building project to coincide with the expansion of the secondary school program

IB Authorization in Hong Kong

Many aspects of a school’s operations have been altered as a result of COVID-19. At ASHK, we have toggled between e-learning and face-to-face learning over the past 12 months.

Santa cutout hanging by the door.

This December, first graders at AISE-Main started off their Social Studies unit, “Connections and Conflict,” by exploring feelings.

The coding structure according to our student.

In Middle School Coding class at AISE, students learn how to break down problems, organize their thinking, and construct solutions.

Students with checklist chart inspecting the garden.

The AISE - West PTO Community Building Committee announced their “Go Green” campaign in January 2018.

Middle schoolers close curtain bow.

AIS West Middle School defied all odds by launching our first ever Arts Week during Hybrid Learning, safely in the middle of the pandemic.

CES IB2 students who participated in an inter-school Egyptian entrepreneurship competition organized by INJAZ

VOSS TECH, a company created by IB2 students at CES, participated in an inter-school Egyptian entrepreneurship competition organized by INJAZ, successfully obtaining the title of “Company of the Year 2020.”

Nestle employee showing CES students their operational management process.

CES has been making links with Nestle to help engage students in their business curriculum coverage.

ASB's student council members.

As a new school, ASB’s Student Council has been very fortunate to be involved in many foundational activities and start new traditions! It has been a year of firsts.

Teacher assisting student with correct floating technique.

ASB recently announced a collaboration with Royal Life Saving Bahrain (RLSB) to jointly facilitate a robust swimming and water safety program for all ASB students.

Emoticons sample

This year Grade 5 Art & Design Common Core Course students at ASB looked at emoji as a subject matter.

Minecraft designed spaces that support a healthy environment for both humans and animals

AISC students participated in the first ever Minecraft Global Championship held in 2020, designing spaces that support a healthy environment for both humans and animals.

Mrs. Esther Sarver, former Deputy Director and High School principal at UCA.

It is with a heavy heart we announce the passing of Mrs. Esther Sarver, former Deputy Director and High School principal at UCA.

PBL illustration

UCA’s adoption of online learning would not have happened as rapidly, had it not been for the multi-faceted crisis experienced by Lebanon: economic, social and political instability in addition to the global pandemic.

UCA’s Professional Development Team collaborating on Zoom.

As schools globally grappled with preparations for the 2020-2021 school year, UCA’s Professional Development Team quickly focused on the two “Ps” of “Platforms” and “Pedagogy” for online and blended learning