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This academic year, Dunecrest held its first ever TEDxYouth event, a creative local TEDx event that is organized by and tailored towards the youth. The topic chosen was “How the Past Shapes our Future.” Members of the Dunecrest community, including students and Mr. Pat Hould, Secondary Principal, had the opportunity to share their experiences and personal journeys. They spoke about how their past choices or actions affected the course of their lives, shaping them into the person they are today and will continue to evolve into. Tenth grader, Kiyan Ouejian, discussed his victorious battle against cancer and how the effects that it had on his lifestyle and well-being made him the person he is today. Eleventh grader, Shams Jabouri, shared her experience with social media and the toll it had on her identity and mental health, as well as how she grew to avoid relying on the internet for validation. With the great audience reception and talent of the speakers, the school is looking forward to holding many more TEDxYouth at Dunecrest in the future.  By Zoya Raza, Grade 10.