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Students at AISA see the value of voice and choice learning strategy.

As educators, we see the value of ‘voice and choice.’ We use it as a learning strategy in our classrooms and students have more freedom in what and how they learn because of it. At AISA, we’ve taken the concept a step further. Advanced Grade 9 students have the opportunity to take Honors Explorations as an elective this year and the response has been tremendous. Students work on multiple passion projects that they design from scratch; they set goals for themselves, plan work for each class, problem-solve independently, present their work to the school, and critically evaluate themselves in detailed reflections. These demonstrations of independence have been vital in ensuring students become better critical thinkers. Plus, it’s a lot of fun! Giving students the opportunity to explore learning freely is so worthwhile, and at AISA, Explorations is establishing itself as a leap forward in guiding students to become confident scholars.