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AUBH has recently finalized its academic partnership with the California State University, Northridge (CSUN). This partnership aims to connect students based in the Middle East and North Africa to the largest university system in the United States, effectively paving a seamless pathway to the U.S. for those aspiring to access a bespoke international experience. AUBH students have access to a robust curriculum focused on forefront preparation for academic success, as well as for careers in the regional and global marketplace, opportunities to study abroad, and a pathway to finish their studies in the United States. 

AUBH is working with CSUN to align its high-quality curricula and create opportunities for students to experience a broad range of new programs and international experiences, including attending summer programs in California, and receiving a CSUN degree through completing one, two, or three years of coursework enrolled at CSUN, and vice versa at AUBH, for CSUN Students who wish to study in Bahrain.