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Students at the American International School Hong Kong learning the art of Wushu

Within all Esol Education schools, individual and team sports play an important part of student life. In addition to physical well-being, sports programs develop students’ self-confidence, competitive instinct, teamwork skills, and leadership abilities. At American School Hong Kong, a cultural element is also included in our Sports and Athletics Program. The ASHK Wushu Team was established as a reflection of the Chinese culture in Hong Kong while enabling students to experience new pursuits and explore existing passions. 

We believe that the ASHK sports program reinforces self-discipline and dedication. This was demonstrated by one of our ASHK Wushu Team members, Kashu. With his hard work and determination, he has been selected to be in the Hong Kong Wushu Team and started his professional training at the Hong Kong Sports Institute. 

ASHK hopes to continue to inspire students to pursue their passions in all areas!