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Here at AIS Egypt (West), we are part of a team of Middle School students who are committed to community service – both within our school community and the greater Cairo community. The Middle School Leadership team (MSL) plans and hosts fundraisers; school events and activities; and promotes positivity throughout the school. In December, the MSL put on a holiday-themed fundraiser to benefit the Cairo Children’s Cancer Hospital (CCH). 

This fundraiser ended up generating 3,000 Egyptian pounds!  We made and sold holiday cookies at school during break times.  All of the money earned was donated to the hospital. The MSL actually took a field trip to the hospital to donate this money directly. The hospital staff was generous enough to give us a tour!  They were quite welcoming and it was an amazing experience for us.

CCH is one of the biggest hospitals for treating children's cancer in all of Egypt; they have 360 beds and the facility can treat children as young as one day old all the way up to 18 years old.  These services are absolutely free!  Families don’t have to worry about paying any money for treatment and they never discriminate against any children. Also, the hospital is not only a hospital; it’s also a place for research and medical training.

When we visited the hospital, we had the opportunity to meet a lot of children, patients, and doctors.  We even donated some of the remaining cookies to the doctors, nurses, and workers. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to give cookies to any of the patients due to their sensitivity during chemotherapy.  The guide explained to us how the hospital operates on donations only.  This means that water, food, medicine, sophisticated medical equipment, rooms, salaries, etc. are all paid through community donations.  So, no patients have to pay to receive care.  This hospital is truly a superhero to many. 

We were so happy to have visited the hospital and contributed to a good cause.  Overall, we all thought it was an amazing experience. Please consider helping support Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt (57375).  Donate now to help! 

By Leila Shahin & Malak Soliman, Grade 6