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Proudly representing the Lebanese flag, UCA students Haya Najjad, Leyna Chehayeb, and Reem Abdelkhalek were selected to the Lebanese National Football Team and recently participated in the 1st Women’s Western Asian Football Championship under 14 years of age, held in Lebanon from January 8, 2022 until January 14, 2022. Being chosen as captain of the team for her commitment, hard-work and determination, Haya, a centerback depicts her experience as a dream come true, saying: “It was a lifetime experience I was blessed enough to be a part of.” Reem, a left-wing, describes her experience as inspiring, and is determined to focus on both athletic and educational improvement. “To represent my country in an international event as a goalkeeper was a major achievement of mine” expressed Leyna as she describes her unforgettable experience; believing that discipline and persistence help her succeed in her sport and education.