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Design and Innovation class at American International School in Abu Dhabi

Each week students at AISA take on the important roles of engineers to solve complex, real world problems!  The Design and Innovation class is often the highlight of their day.  Students are working through Stanford's Design Thinking Process (empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test, and iterate) to create and innovate solutions to the problems they are currently solving. 

Students apply what they have learned with their homeroom teachers in their PYP Units of Inquiry, to solve problems in an engaging, hands-on way. In Design & Innovation, students are given the chance to explore technology, engineering, science, and math through these design challenges.  

Recent projects and designs included: a toy for a friend while learning about friends and relationships; a tool to help a family member be healthy while learning about health and well-being; working as a team to solve engineering design challenges; a container to showcase items for an All About Me museum; working as a team to design bridges; working as a team to prototype their design of a disaster proof building.

We are proud of our AISA innovators!