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Code game

Tarek Baghdady, in Grade 7, had always wanted to design a video game, but when he tried to do so by himself, he couldn’t understand a thing, till he joined the Video Game Design elective! “When I saw the class on the list of electives for Grade 7, I was filled with joy. I immediately signed up and got it! Mr. Alejandro made learning how to code feel like a walk in the park, we mastered all types of code blocks. Then he introduced us to the MDA (Mechanics, Dynamics, Aesthetics) for popular games, like Minecraft and Zelda. He encouraged us to think creatively by making us design cardboard mazes. Lastly, we created drafts to use in creating our 9-level game.” After learning all this, Tarek started to understand more complex code for his own game, and got creative ideas for it! This resulted in his designing a 2D survival game called “Dungeon Crawler!”