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Author Celebrations are an important commemoration of learning at AISA

Author Celebrations are an important commemoration of learning at AISA. At the end of every unit, students publish their own books that exemplify their hard work and passion for creating literary masterpieces. Each unit has its own theme and display of learning, whether that be the “Narrative Small Moment Red Carpet” or “Starbooks Poetry Cafe”. 

Students always look forward to their Author Celebration, because they truly are the experts of their craft and have complete agency over their final books. Their gleaming smiles and enthusiasm to share their work is the greatest evidence of learning and growth. Parent involvement is highly encouraged and even through the pandemic the parents have been able to watch the celebrations virtually. Parents are able to take pictures, videos, and experience the special moment of their child being recognized. 

The real-world context of Author Celebrations provides students with the opportunity to experience receiving feedback from an audience, as well as the importance of applying the writing process in order to enhance the quality of their books. The growth that students show is tremendous throughout the year, because they genuinely look forward to sharing their published pieces with others. Students’ confidence in their writing skills and overall love for literacy is greatly enhanced through the Author Celebrations and is a tradition that students remember for the rest of their AISA journey.