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plant nursery in the school garden

The AISE - West PTO Community Building Committee first announced their “Go Green” campaign in January 2018. It was the first school in Egypt to install a hydroponic system on campus. Today this produces 120 crops that grow in 4-5 weeks. The “Go Green” campaign was a huge success! Students were part of the entire process, helping with with seeding, planting, harvesting, and even selling the crops. They sold more than 300 lettuce heads, and are planning to continue planting and running their farm to raise more funds in order to expand their project. They are excited to spread and share their enthusiasm about Urban Agriculture. This year, the PTO team was able to install a new system in the school’s desert garden. This system uses automatic irrigation with a water tank. Both systems are water and energy efficient, thus reducing resource consumption, subsequently reducing pollution and minimizing the environmental impact of excess water and energy use.