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Elementary students trying to find bones in the sandpit.

One of the challenges of Early Years education is to provide opportunities for writing that are both purposeful and meaningful to the child. By planning around students’ interests and providing hooks that engage their imaginations, Early Years practitioners can provide the stimulus for children to do their best independent writing. Based around the fascination that CES’ current co-hort had with dinosaurs, the EYFS team planned a Dinosaur Invasion in the Early Years. With an e-mail from the head that led to an investigation of our outdoor environment, students uncovered dinosaur footprints, bones and even dinosaur eggs! The excitement caused by these discoveries was immense. Students were inspired to think critically about how these dinosaurs had entered the school. They wanted to find the best way of sharing the news with the rest of our school community! Even the quietest children were bursting with ideas, and the most reluctant writers were eager to write their breaking news reports. Proof, if any were needed, that the best learning really does take place when children are excited about their experiences.