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Kasra Mulot, speaking at the Council of Europe.

AISC High School student, Kasra Mulot, has been hard at work advocating for children’s rights in partnership with Hope for Children (HFC), an international independent charity working towards a world where every child has a happy childhood that sets them up for a positive future. 

As a Children’s Rights Ambassador, Kasra attended the Council of Europe’s international conference on "Redefining Power: Strengthening the Rights of the Child as a Key to a Future-Proof Europe" in Strasbourg, France. Representing HFC, AISC, and the children of Cyprus, he delivered a speech to the entire conference delegation on "The Power of Speaking up Against Violence". Last year, he led a delegation to meet with Strovolos Mayor Andreas Papacharalambous to  present their proposal for cooperating with the municipality to make Strovolos a “Child Friendly City” and to raise awareness and educate other children on their rights and responsibilities, and the mayor agreed to move forward with the initiative.  

Over the summer, he furthered his advocacy work as an intern at the charity, and designed HFC masks that were launched as part of a fund-raising initiative in November marking World Children's Day. According to Kasra, “Children are full human beings in their own right. They have their own lives and experiences and most importantly, they are more vulnerable with less experience than adults. They should be entitled to the same rights as adults and even more. My favorite children’s right is the right to be heard. I think no one can decide better than children about children. We are brave, dynamic, fearless, and full of hope and energy and we have a lot to offer.”