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Pandalogia, space built by AISC students.

AISC students participated in the first ever Minecraft Global Championship held in 2020, designing spaces that support a healthy environment for both humans and animals. Eight entries were selected for the championship, and participants were asked to develop their ideas through different biomes including the forest to protect honeybees, the jungle to save from habitat loss and fragmentation, and the beach in search of ways to save sea turtles from the impact of coastal development and beach traffic. And so was born the city of Pandalogia, built by AISC students, where citizens live in caves so they do not disturb the pandas and help them by bringing them food. In return pandas do not disturb them and also bring food to the citizens. Structures like the Generator Guard take care of generators that run 100% on solar energy and at the same time ensure that pandas are not harmed. While building their world on Minecraft, students reported that they learned more about the UN Sustainable Development Goals, nutrition preferences of pandas, and improved their Minecraft skills! They are very much looking forward to participating in the 2021 championship later this year.