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AISA team discussing wellness over zoom meeting

The counseling team at the American International School of Abu Dhabi have made student, staff, and parent wellness a priority this year. Some of these activities include parent presentations throughout the year on wellbeing and mental health topics. For students, the team organized activities around International Kindness Week and Stress Awareness Week, including videos made by students talking about the strategies they use to manage stress. Wellness days were organized for staff, with yoga, meditation, a scavenger hunt, funny videos contests, and “Tea and Talk” sessions. During Sunday PD time, staff are provided brief “wellness tips” at the start of meetings. The team also offered wellness presentations on how individuals can safeguard themselves, as well how to be a mental health first aider during these times. The counseling team’s motto states: “you can’t pour from an empty cup,” so as a department, they make sure they model their beliefs and take care of each other through regular check ins!