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UCA’s adoption of online learning would not have happened as rapidly, had it not been for the multi-faceted crisis experienced by Lebanon: economic, social and political instability in addition to the global pandemic. Living in the midst of chaos, pedagogically, Project-Based Learning (PBL) has been a silver lining. It set the foundations for teamwork and provided a constructive opportunities for students to stay connected with their classmates, and teachers with their colleagues. Adapting to the new norm of online learning via PBL has not only involved parents in their children’s education but also developed students’ 21st-century competencies faster. Students’ projects have reached a wider audience and they have built core knowledge and skills. Flipped classroom strategies have also motivated students to become more creative in the delivery of their work. Appreciating students’ voice and choice, continuous feedback and peer critique has also encouraged students to strive harder to produce better outcomes. By creating a positive learning environment in classes, where mistakes are welcomed, PBL has truly been a stepping stone to online learning success.