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Fairgreen's Wellbeing Champions Club members.

In a continued effort to support the overall wellbeing of its students, Fairgreen officially launched the DREAMS Wellbeing Program. Led by Head of Counselling Jackie Greenwood with the support from Inclusion Lead Alison Scott, as well as the school’s Wellbeing Team, DREAMS stands for Drive, Relationships, Emotions, Accomplishment, Mindfulness, and Service. The program encapsulates the culture of care and many ongoing efforts the school initiated since its inception to prioritize student wellbeing. 

DREAMS fosters wellbeing through classroom visits, one-to-one meetings, group activities and special celebrations and programs, including Wellbeing Week, Anti-Bullying Week, and World Teacher Day. The team started a Wellbeing Champions Club where students spread cheer across campus, and they designed and created the Fairgreen Wellbeing Hub, a special room within the school that is used as a calm space for DREAMS and other mindfulness activities. 

Through this programme, Fairgreen’s Wellbeing Team provides a service that is both preventative and responsive to students’ needs, supporting the aims of the school’s social and emotional curriculum. The team strives to know the students’ strengths and challenges while helping them to develop their values, character and social skills.