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Showing shoots of new plants in a pot.

This year, Fairgreen International School made a mindful addition to its campus with a new rooftop garden. Due to COVID-19 precautions students were restricted from leaving campus to use their community biodome and garden plot so this new space is very exciting. Students were part of every step of the process, from planning, designing to building the new garden. They donated materials, recycled useful items from home, and repurposed unique items to use as planters, such as used tires. Friends from Diamond Developers in The Sustainable City donated custom planter beds they built from recycled wood. Students even came to school over the winter break to start building a greenhouse, which they hope will extend the growing season.   

The rooftop garden allows students to experiment with plant species, test hydroponics systems, solve water conservation challenges and use the information they have learned in class to solve real world problems. The addition of the greenhouse allows students to use design principles and engineering skills to build something that will be used by the rest of the community.  In the future, students can plan and add items they think would improve the building. It’s not just a rooftop garden, it’s a science lab for real world experiments!