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Student pointing at a toy bee.

At Dunecrest, students in Grade 2 are exploring how human's choices impact the survival of plants and animals.  Children harnessed cross-curricular tools to explore this over-arching question. The topic took students from non-fiction to research, experimentation to procedural papers and eventually to technology and its ability to help solve man-made problems. Students began their unit by looking at the conditions plants need to survive. They tested their hypothesis by planting radish seeds in the sun and in the closet. Children then selected an animal and researched its food supply, habitat and the impact the environment had on its survival. Using Evernote, children created books for Grade 1 exploring how positive choices could make a positive impact on the environment. Following their foundational study, students examined the role that technology can play in supporting the survival of plants and animals. Incorporating their Science standards, Grade 2 students studied bee colony collapse disorder. Using design thinking they explored the possibility of using drones to pollinate plants. This exciting unit leveraged the PARROT Mambo Drone, Apple’s SWIFT Playground coding language and our students’ future-focused problem solving techniques!