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Eyad ElSafoury

Our featured achievers work hard, while also maintaining a healthy balance between their goals, academics and personal passions.

Eyad ElSafoury
Grade 12
American International School in Egypt – Main Campus

Eyad ElSafoury is a senior IB student at AISE – Main, excelling academically despite all challenges in a very critical and unprecedented year. Eyad is currently working towards attaining both an American Diploma and an IB Diploma, and has a cumulative GPA of 4.0 with an IB predicted score of 43/44 points. His stellar academic records vouch for his hard work and commitment to achieve. Eyad is hoping to attend either London School of Economics or University of Warwick to major in Economics. When asked about his success habits, Eyad said that he considers time management and goal setting the most important factors for his success. He sets his goals and works hard to achieve them and whenever he has a deadline for a big project, he spends time working on it days in advance, completing small tasks every day. He does not like to rush his work and he sets high standards for himself. Eyad believes that finding the right balance between work and play is essential for sustaining his performance, so he always makes time for things that he enjoys doing such as meeting up with friends, playing soccer or traveling.


Finding the right balance between work and play is essential for sustaining performance.

Daria Gusarova

Daria Gusarova
Grade 11
American International School in Cyprus

AISC Eleventh Grader, Daria Gusarova, is a student on the move! Having discovered a love for beach volleyball at the age of 9, Daria is the top-seeded Under-18 champion in the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) world-rankings. She participates in many tournaments around the world. Part of the Cyprus National Volleyball team, Daria has her eyes fixed on bringing home Olympic metal to the island. Her coach, Andreas Savvidis said in a recent interview that "the Olympic Games are a big goal, preceded by the completion of Daria’s studies at university and before that, the the first goal of landing the Continental Cup.” Hard work and team spirit also brought her the honor of being awarded as the best Beach Volley player by the Cyprus Olympic Committee last year, which has inspired her to work even harder at the sport: " I feel proud and at the same time I believe that my responsibilities increase…I want to continue my effort and successes to be worthy of this honor." Daria is a star AISC scholar, leader in the school Eco-club, and has also joined the Esol Education cohort at the summer programme at Stanford University.

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