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As a new school, ASB’s Student Council has been very fortunate to be involved in many foundational activities and start new traditions!  It has been a year of firsts. These include the school’s mascot (go Eagles!), special activities at the school, a selection of charities to support and develop ASB’s brand new House System. The senior Grade 9 class held elections in early December in order to put together an executive along with classroom representatives, in order to lead school initiatives. Their first task was to build a “House System.” Students decided on the theme of mythical creatures to represent the houses. The student body provided names and designs for these four different creatures. Over twenty students submitted their artwork for the design of the creatures. The senior students on each team decided the best name and design for their house. The names will be announced to the student body very soon. The ninth graders will be ASB’s senior-most class for the next four years, an honor that gives them a special privilege as well as the unique opportunity to leave a lasting impression on the future of the school!