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Darren working on iPad

Like most schools around the world, ASHK has toggled back and forth between learning at home and learning in school during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Because of this, the Grade 3 students have become incredibly proficient at using EdTech! After learning about different cultures, students worked on Apple Clips, a free and easy- to-use video creation app.  Students worked to combine pictures and videos with captions and music. They showed incredible engagement while explaining their understanding of cultures, then they enjoyed sharing their original and informative creations with each other even while at home.  When asked for feedback on creating their videos, their answers consistently contained the words “fun,” “interesting,” and that this allowed them the opportunity to be “more creative.”  Miles H wrote, “I like it and I get sucked into the app.”  Authentic use of EdTech can help students develop their confidence to share their voice in the world. And based on their recommendations, it’s undeniably fun!