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Pat Rich, AISA Director

1. Tell us a little about your background and the roles you had prior to your directorship at AISA

Prior to joining the AISA family I was serving as the Assistant School Director at Korea International School in Seoul, South Korea.  I joined the KIS team in 2010 as an elementary principal and was asked to be the Assistant Director in 2014.  My International career began in 2006 at Mont’Kiara International school in Malaysia where I served as a teacher and administrator.  Prior to moving overseas I was a public educator serving as an elementary teacher and administrator in the state of California.

2. From USA to Malaysia, Korea and now Abu Dhabi! How has your international experience shaped your leadership style?

Many of my experiences have influenced and molded my beliefs around what it means to be International Minded. Living the life of an expat and serving the international community has helped me understand the importance of being responsible and empathetic toward others.  As a parent to two beautiful Third Culture Kids (TCK) I have enjoyed learning about diverse communities through the eyes of my children and have enjoyed learning more about the influence that international education has on young people.

3. What has been your most unforgettable experience as an educator?

I am fortunate to see this often in my work, but there is nothing more exciting than seeing a child make a connection to their world around them and spark a curiosity and passion for something that they will empower them to make change in the world.

4. What aspirations do you have for AISA for the coming years?

I hope to continue building upon a climate and culture that is warm and inviting while identifying pathways for all learners to follow their passions and positively impact the lives of others. 

5. Three things that you think teachers need to do to stay on top of their game?

Love the students they serve
Be risk takers
Collaborate and empower those around them


1. What book would be at the top of your must-read list for educators?

Most Likely to Succeed by Tony Wagner and Ted Dintersmith

2. The best advice you ever received?

Lead by example

3. Tech you would like to master?

I have always thought about starting an educational blog, maybe this is the year for that?

4. Your favorite movie of all time?


5. Don’t leave Seoul without visiting…

Seoraksan National Park




AIS students leave us knowing the importance of being a caring human being and knowing the importance in being a good citizen and community member.