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Lamis Hakim: Photography runs in my veins
Lamis Hakim: Photography runs in my veins

Born in Misherfeh, Mount Lebanon in 1979, Lamis Hakim embarked on a career in education before establishing the after-school photography club at Universal College - Aley in 2014.

Hakim started her career at UCA in 2002 as an art teacher to become an activities’ coordinator in 2010. She creates and organizes skill-based games, strategies and interactive activities that support students’ educational development. “My goal is to enhance the students’ understanding through engaging multiple styles of learning such as dance, drama, arts, photography, music and after school clubs,” Hakim said.

Hakim participated in the Byblos Bank award for photography in the Beirut Art Fair and was chosen among the ten finalists to display her artwork. “It was an amazing opportunity to display my work and express my ideas and passion for photography,” Hakim said smiling.