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Excellence in education starts with excellent teachers. Esol Education attracts some of the world’s most exceptional teaching talent, and Esol schools provide them with the right resources, latest teaching methodologies and ongoing professional development to thrive as successful educators.

Joining us primarily from the United States and United Kingdom, as well as other parts of North America, Europe and around the world, our teachers bring a wealth of experience, building on existing curricula to provide a rich, holistic learning experience for our students. Meet some of our teachers below:

Mr. Adam Hall, Science Teacher, Dunecrest American School


Mr. Adam Hall

Science Teacher, Dunecrest American School

Bachelor of Arts, Biology University of Colorado, Boulder
International Teaching Certificate, European Council of International Schools
Master of Science, Environmental Studies, Green Mountain College, Vermont.

Apart from teaching Middle School Science, Mr. Hall is also the Chief Star Organizer of Million Solar Stars, a non-profit organization, dedicated to advancing the knowledge and cause of solar energy around the world.

“I believe education holds the key to solving many global issues we face today. I love the challenges and rewards of inspiring students to learn and grow. Teaching serves as a great creative outlet and it’s an outstanding profession for honing life-long learning skills. I love helping students develop their leadership and critical thinking skills to help solve global issues.”-Adam Hall

Aimee Thomas


Ms. Aimee Thomas

STEM/Design Teacher, Fairgreen International School

SBSc Hons Human Psychology, PGCE Primary

“I really love my current role as STEM teacher because it is so creative and so hands on. I really enjoy seeing the incredible ideas that students are able to come up with and nurturing their ability to try things out, even if they are not sure they will work. I also love the fact that often students who struggle in traditional academic lessons, will frequently thrive and flourish within STEM and help them to see that we all have different strengths and different talents to offer.”-Aimee Thomas

Mr. Oliver Meyer, Creative Arts Teacher, American School of Bahrain


Mr. Oliver Meyer

Creative Arts Teacher, American School of Bahrain

BA Honors, Visual Arts, Manchester Metropolitan University, School of Arts.

“I love seeing a student's reaction when they've created a piece of work for the first time. Equally, I admire a child's ability to think creatively and problem solve; two skills that are integral in developing children into successful adults.”-Oliver Meyer

Jill King, Grade 3 Teacher, Dunecrest American School


Ms. Jill King

Grade 3 Teacher, Dunecrest American School

Bachelor degree from the University of Alberta in Canada. Undergraduate teaching degree from Otago University in New Zealand.

“I became a teacher because I am passionate about building relationships with students and giving them the tools to be lifelong learners. It is an amazing feeling to know that I am playing a direct role in the future of my students and helping to mold them into compassionate, respectful and knowledgeable citizen of our world.”-Jill King


Ms. Helen Pringle

Music Teacher/Head of Performing Arts, Fairgreen International School

Bachelor of Education and a Diploma of Teaching from Otago University in New Zealand
Qualified by Trinity College of Music in London.

“I hope to promote a genuine interest in and love of Music in the students that will stay with them throughout their lives. I love seeing those “lightbulb” moments, when students grasp a concept. I love seeing when students show passion and enjoyment in a subject and share this with others.”-Helen Pringle

Ms. Brenda Boehlke, Grade 4 Teacher, American School of Bahrain


Ms. Brenda Boehlke

Grade 4 Teacher, American School of Bahrain

Bachelor of Science, University of Wisconsin
Masters in Educational Technology, Marian


“Great teachers in my past have inspired me…they taught me the power of imagination and the power of "yet". It is an honor to hold a place of reverance in a child's heart and I take that very seriously. I am always searching for another way to present a concept or a skill so that kids can connect with it and make sense out of the new learning. Motivating students to WANT to [take their newfound interests and skills and apply them to a real world situation] is the real craft, and creating something that wasn't there before is what I love about teaching.”-Brenda Boehlke

Ricky Prince, Computer Science Teacher, Dunecrest American School


Mr. Ricky Prince

Computer Science Teacher, Dunecrest American School

BA Hon. Film, Video and Interactive Arts, PGCE in Computer Science with ICT

“There is no better life fulfilling reward than to nature youngsters to reaching their full potential. I enjoy the unpredictability each day brings. As teacher you deal with different variables as to what each student is going to bring to the table on the day. There is nothing better for a teacher than having those outstanding lessons where all students exceed the learning objectives and there is 100% full engagement.”-Ricky Prince

Mr. Scott Rogal, Music & Band Teacher, American School of Bahrain


Mr. Scott Rogal

Music & Band Teacher, American School of Bahrain

Bachelor of Science in Music Education, Mary College, Bismarck, North Dakota, USA

“Education and music are two areas where you never stop learning, and I enjoy being a life-long learner. This year, I have learned a lot about Elementary Music Education, and personally have started learning the Darbuka (Arab drum) and the Oud (similar to a guitar). My passion for music translates into energy and enthusiasm when I work with students.”-Scott Rogal

Elementary student beating the drum during music class.


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