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AIS at Egypt Conference
Posted 16/11/2016 02:43PM

By: Dr. Sara Lekas, ECE Principal

Recently I was invited to participate in an esteemed panel at The Global Trade Matters 12th Annual Money and Finance Summit 2016. The Money and Finance Series of conferences has served as a true platform for a sustainable and effective national dialogue around the state of Egypt’s political, economic and social environment.

As the only non-Egyptian on the panel, I was able to contribute my professional education as an educator, drawing from my years of worldwide experience.  One of the main points hit upon by Dr. Lekas was the importance of proper nutrition at school.  In the United States, low-income families are offered free breakfast and lunch meals for their children for every day that they attend school.  This not only ensures that children eating nutritiously balanced, healthy meals, but for many, it is the only real meal they get throughout the day.  It is imperative that children are not only ensured enriching educations, but also it is crucial that schools help to provide sustainability, by giving children access to basic necessities such as food and water. 

Of the conference’s various pillars, Dr. Lekas addressed the fourth pillar, which includes primary education and health, and the fifth pillar, which includes higher education and training.  The fourth pillar address the fact that there are around 16,000 elementary public schools across Egypt with an estimated 10.9 million primary students.  These students are a part of an education system whose decades-old problems are set to keep lingering, making the primary education system one of the lowest by global standards. Dr. Lekas stressed the importance of improving the primary school facilities, teacher training, and reaching children in remote areas. 

Dr. Lekas has been at AIS - Main for 12 years and is currently the Early Childhood Principal.  Prior to that she was the head of the KG1 Department. She holds two Masters Degrees, one in Special Education/Early Childhood and one in Educational Leadership, as well as a doctorate in Educational Leadership. 

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