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MUN Radiant in Romania
Posted 16/11/2016 02:52PM

By:  Kim Philot and John Kennett, MUN Advisors 

As fifteen students and two teachers boarded the plane bound for Romania, AISE - West was ready to show their competition just how prepared they were for the Model United Nations of Bucharest 2016 Conference. 

The trip began with a bit of team building, which included three different groups having to work together to escape a room using clues and collaboration as well as soaking in some culture by seeing Romanian bears and Bran Castle (aka Dracula’s Castle.)  

On the first day of the conference everyone was dressed up and ready to go.  With fourteen delegates scattered throughout eight different committees, and one chair leading the Human Rights Council, Egypt was well represented at the conference.  For the next four days, AISE - West students did an amazing job representing both France and North Korea in a professional and flexible way.  “This conference was great because, unlike other ones I have been to, the debates went in very different directions.  Not everyone was from the same background or culture and it allowed me to learn more about the process”, said Ahmed El Helw.    

As the last day approached, everyone was nervous about the awards ceremony; there is never certainty that the hard work will really pay off.  It did, however, and all in all, AIS - West was awarded six of the eight best delegate awards (Youssef Shafik, Farida Badran, Ziad El Tabbakh, Amy El Sheribny, Fayrouz Ibrahim and Aly Shahin) in addition to France being chosen as best delegation and three other honorable mentions.  “It is not easy to stand out in an environment that is not yours, but with each other’s help we accomplished it, without a doubt”, said Youssef Shafik.  I think we all would agree that Romania will remember Egypt for many years to come; well done MUN members!        

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