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The Voice of UCA
Posted 16/11/2016 03:02PM

By: Gerald Redd, Director


What started as an inspirational and collaborative idea by the junior class of 2008–2009 for the Humanities Fair English project has become UCA’s formal publication the U.C.A. “Voice.” Hoping that the magazine would entertain and build a sense of community among its readers, Grade 11 students initiated UCA Voice with the intent of making public the events and co-curricular activities that took place during the academic year of 2008–2009. After two publications, UCA Voice took on a different flavor in 2011 as a literary magazine to incorporate students’ formal and creative writings in Arabic, English, and French. However, this year’s publication expanded its horizon to include as students’ writings across the curriculum. Selections in this year’s voice included additional content from Science and Social Studies. 

“With the coming years hopefully, I envision UCA Voice as a platform, enabling UCA alumni to converse with and inspire the older and younger generations of our school and to share their own experiences in different vocations and careers,” commented Ms. Monia Eid, UCA English teacher and “Voice” editor. 

The following is a selected poem from this years Voice written by 12S student Hadi Abilmona.

And Drifting Came A River…..


And drifting came a river

Into your numbing heart

To waken

What might have withered


And drifting came the sunlight

Above your darkened world

To waken

What might have died


Then rushing came the blood

Within your relished veins

Mixing with the river

Below your now enlightened

Blue protecting sky


Your own life now awakened

And mingled with the touch

Of a foreign beauty


Your own heart now awakened

And mingled with a world

Of a new today


Your beauty renovated

Your soul now elevated

Your pain alleviated

Your blood interrelated


Its core now undulated

With a silent flow

‘Neath a burning eye


When you lose someone you love

Always know you’ll have

A million heart you’ll love again

And will love you back


Cry your final tear into that river

And walk into that field

Knowing that the tear you shed

Would feed that tender grass

And upon that grass would prosper

A million smiles instead

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