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Fayoum: A Student's Perspective
Posted 18/05/2017 10:42AM

Maged Atallah and Seif Shawkat, both senior students at Esol Education's The American International School, Egypt, created a stunning video as part of their "Creativity, Action, Service" (CAS) project for The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. The video showcases the beautiful landscapes of Fayoum, one of the oldest cities in Egypt, with history dating back to ancient times. 

"I've been discreetly aware of my lack of knowledge of my own country and the wonders it presents. I was missing out on breathtaking views and stunning experiences and decided to travel more within Egypt. Maged and I set out to film the trip and were thrilled by the photographs we saw and the stories we heard about the city. We were eager to set our plans in motion and capture a lot of Fayoum's beauty," shared Seif, in an interview to Cairo Scene, which declared the video "the most wanderlust-inducing thing we have seen in a while."

Well done Maged and Seif!

Read the full feature here:

Fayoum - Egypt from Maged Attalla on Vimeo.

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