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Whether they are exploring new teaching methods, organizing community service projects or participating in international sporting events, students across Esol Education schools are always up to something exciting! Browse through these articles, or download STRIDES, our official newsletter, for in depth coverage of the latest happenings at our schools.

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Passion for Trashion
Posted 12/06/2017 02:21PM

The Grade 1 unit on resources at AISA came to an exciting conclusion with a “trashion show” where each student was required to create an outfit using trash. During Art, students learned techniques for combining materials such as weaving, rope making and paper bead making. Teachers scaffolded the project by teaching mini-lessons on how to make newspaper hats and ponchos. Students were given time over the course of a week, so they could reflect and collect specific trash items. Brittney Hansen, Grade 1 Teacher shared, “The students showed enthusiasm and independence due to the artistic freedom and open-ended work periods during the project. Some of our favorite creations included a dress made from a gift bag, trash bag superhero capes, a newspaper pleated skirt, and gloves from old socks!” The students showed off their creations by walking the “trashion ramp” during assembly.


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