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International Diana Award for UAS Student
Posted 11/02/2015 01:00PM

Simran Vedvyas, student at Esol Education’s Universal American School (UAS), Dubai has won the International Diana Award 2014 for her extensive work in leading environmental conservation in the UAE through her youth group, SynergY. With her untiring efforts over the past few years in championing environmental causes through diverse awareness drives, action campaigns, events and workshops, Simran truly embodies the principles behind the award, which celebrates the achievements of young people who selflessly contribute to their communities.

“We are very proud of Simran and her achievements,” commented UAS Director, Andrew Torris. “Simran exemplifies our school values by successfully balancing her academic commitments with her environmental activism, bringing alive our belief in developing core skills such as critical thinking, creativity, leadership and civic responsibility.”

UAS Secondary Principal, Simone Sebban nominated Simran for the award, highlighting a recent action-led campaign, “Green Space New Life” which aimed to raise awareness about reducing landfill waste. The initiative organized youth by conducting presentations and visiting landfill sites, all aimed at planting 1000 trees to green landfill areas, reduce emissions and minimize the carbon footprint of our city. The initiative was supported by Dubai Municipality Waste Management Department and it played the important role of bringing together many Emarati youth and expatriate youth alike, to work for a common vision of a just, peaceful and sustainable 'Future for All', #Happy Dubai. The work achieved international acclaim with several international awards from the United States and India.

“Simran is very active in her community and freely gives of her time and talents to benefit people,” said Ms. Sebban, “she plays an important role in impacting and inspiring kids to learn, overcome obstacles and understand that positive values can be lived each day.”

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