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Whether they are exploring new teaching methods, organizing community service projects or participating in international sporting events, students across Esol Education schools are always up to something exciting! Browse through these articles, or download STRIDES, our official newsletter, for in depth coverage of the latest happenings at our schools.

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Stem in the Early Years
Posted 12/06/2017 02:27PM

A question frequently asked by parents is: what is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math,) and what age can children start? The Early Years team at Inspire believes that they just can't start soon enough! Over the past term the nursery has integrated interactive, hands-on STEM-based learning sessions into their daily timetables from toddler classes, right up to the four-year-olds. For example, set around the core topic of “all about energy,” little scientists enjoyed investigative trips into the nursery's nature garden this spring, which was in full growth with vegetables and flowers. They experimented with seeds being planted indoors without light or water, and outside with fresh air and sunshine, learning that all plants, flowers and trees require energy from the sun to grow and flourish. After a week of charting growth patterns in both scenarios, we had some very surprised little faces when they discovered that plants cannot grow without the amazing energy from the sun!

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